Thursday, April 26, 2012

ESP...and the convo that followed it

We had inside recess today...never fails that someone forgets a jacket when its 48 degrees.
The kids started moving the chairs around the room to make a "movie theater." When one location wasn't working out, they started to move the chairs in front of the door instead.
Without really thinking much about it, I said, "Don't put the chairs in front of the door...that's not very safe."
Literally 2 minutes later, the fire alarms went off for a surprise fire drill.
I swear I think I'm psychic sometimes.
After we came back from the drill, I said, "Does anyone know now why it might not be safe to put all of our chairs in front of the door?"

I wasn't planning on having an actual was time for math. But sometimes you just need to go with it, and let them talk about stuff for a few minutes. The following are some of the things that were said:

"Because we couldn't get out and then we'd be all burned up."
"You might burn your arm and die."
"If we all got out, but our teacher was still in the room moving chairs, she might get blowed up with the building."
"I hope the school never catches on fire. I'd really miss my backpack."
"We're like a family...we gotta make sure everybody's safe during the fire. Families has to stay together." (Almost made me cry!)
"Mrs. Miller? Would you be so sad if someone got lost during the fire and got really hurt and maybe died?"

And I actually got a little teary telling them how sad I would be if something ever happened to any of them. Its amazing how in 8 months, I've become so attached to these little kids. I can't believe how much I care about them. And thinking about them being hurt in any way makes me sick to my stomach. This conversation only lasted about 10 minutes, but it consisted of some of the sweetest and genuine, (although not always grammatically correct) things. These little "side conversations" are often highlights of my job. Just hearing what they have to say about stuff is so insightful.

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