Wednesday, April 4, 2012

advice from a 5 year old.

Last night, the parent committe from our school held the annual skating party.
I'm not a huge fan of skating, and I knew most of my students wouldn't be there, so I opted to stay home instead.
One of my students who did go, asked a fellow teacher where I was.
This fellow teacher (who now proves to be a rotten friend) said "Mrs. Miller's too scared to skate...all she does is fall down. She's a big old chicken!" 

So this morning, my student came bounding up to me and called me a scaredy-cat for being "too afraid" to roller skate. We joked around about it a few minutes, and then went about our morning routines.

Awhile later, as the kiddos were working, this same little girl came up to me and said,
"I'm sorry, Mrs. Miller."
"For what?" I asked.
"For calling you a scaredy-cat. That wasn't very nice and I wasn't being 'spectful."
I gave her a hug, told her I forgave her, and thanked her for apologizing, smiling inside because none of this was even true.
But she wasn't done.
No way- she had some advice for me...the scaredy-cat.
"Now let me tell you what my Dad told me before the party last night. Sometimes when you skate, you fall down. But you don't need to cry when you fall down. Just stand back up, try again, and use your balance, Mrs. Miller. You'll be just fine. And I can hold your hand if you want."

It was a pretty endearing moment.
Thanks for the advice, sweetie :)

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