Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Um...That's Really Weird.

Well its a brand-new year, and this year, I'm no longer an aide, but a real-live 4th grade teacher! This gives me even MORE time during the day to experience some of the crazy things kids do and say. For instance:

At dismissal each day, I take the kids down to one of the hallways by the door where they get picked up. They sit there until their names are called (we don't have transportation.) Today, I noticed Jamal pushing himself back and forth across the (tiled) floor. This is the conversation that took place.

Me: Uh, Jamal, what exactly are you doing?
Jamal: Trying to make my legs cold.
Me: Why?
Jamal: I like it when my legs are cold...cuz then I like to rub them.
Me: You like to rub them?
Jamal: Yep...sometimes I like to rub cold things. Is that weird?
Me: Um...that's really weird.

Haha! Even though these aren't first graders, they do some of the same kind of things that first graders do! Stay tuned...with all the craziness that I experience daily, there will be PLENTY more stories to come :)